A Cure for Diabetes

The plan worked, big-time. By February, she had lost 50 pounds. She no longer needed meds to stabilize her blood sugar, or the drug she'd been on for high blood pressure; both were at normal levels. "At my last checkup, my doctor told me I basically wasn't diabetic anymore," she marveled, now 100 pounds lighter than when she started. "I didn't know that was possible."
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9 Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism

Ah, the M word. If you were lucky enough to hit the genetic jackpot and score a metabolism that burns calories at lightning speed, then hey, good for you! But for the rest of us, here are some easy ways to supercharge your metabolism.
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Testosterone Replacement Helps Men Shed Fat

A new study has shown that long-term testosterone replacement in men brings about impressive reductions in body weight and body fat.
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Top Ten Ways to Alleviate Leptin Resistance

There aren’t any medications to correct leptin resistance yet, but there is a lot you can do enhance the appetite-suppressing effect of leptin. Here are the top ten ways you can alleviate leptin resistance.
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Is Your “Eatrogen” Out of Control?

Is Your “Eatrogen” Out of Control? Our hormone levels surge and recede according to many factors, the first of which is, naturally, the type of food we eat. In order to lose weight and keep it off permanently, your hunger hormones must be controlled. It is not enough to eat healthy foods. You have to eat in a way that your hunger hormones, your “eatrogen” works with you, not against you.
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Third Edition of Hormonal Balance Coming This Summer

I am pleased to announce the release of the third edition of my book, Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight by Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism (Bull Publishing Company, June 2012). It is the latest edition of the revolutionary book that pioneered the idea that hormones play a pivotal role in weight loss and weight control. The book is scientifically backed by years of medical research and proven results. I have made the latest scientific information accessible and interesting for a general audience. In this updated and expanded edition, I offer a directive “how-to” approach to stopping the yo-yo diet cycle and balancing the body’s hormones for effective, permanent weight control. Complete with a meal plan and a symptoms guide to spot possible hormone disruptions, this third edition of Hormonal Balance is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, medically and celebrity endorsed book ever written on hormones and weight management.
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January is Thyroid Awareness Month

The thyroid helps maintain organ function, brain function, body temperature, sleep, energy level, sex drive, mood, and much more. Many people struggle with a wide variety of symptoms and don’t know the symptoms are caused by their thyroid. It is easy to overlook the effects of a dysfunctional thyroid gland because the symptoms can come on slowly and are often blamed on old age, stress, or depression.
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The Miracle of Brown Fat

There are two colors of fat, brown fat and white fat. The fat we are most familiar with is white fat, which comprises most of the fat in the body. Most of the fat in our body is white fat. White fat is a storage depot for excess calories and provides insulation. White fat produces inflammation, an unhealthy situation for the body. Brown fat is a healthy type of metabolically active fat. Brown fat is named as such because it contains a lot of energy-generating mitochondria which gives rise to the color. Brown fat is considered “good” fat because it burns calories and generates body heat. There are different types of fat. Fat is actually a series of different types of tissues with different functions. The location of fat matters and that fat in the belly is the unhealthiest type of fat that leads to many of the problems we associate with obesity including insulin and leptin resistance. But location is not the only factor that distinguishes different types of fat.
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Enjoy Some Healthy Dark Chocolate

Make the holidays healthier by eating dark chocolate. A new study published in the British Medical Journal shows that eating chocolate is associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of cardiometabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart attacks and strokes.
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Low Testosterone

There are many causes for low testosterone, and finding the cause is as important as getting treated. The hypothalamus (part of the brain) and the pituitary gland control testosterone production from by the testicles, so problems with the brain or pituitary gland can be the main source of problems.
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