21 Jun

Diet Clinic Exposed by Undercover Reporter

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I refuse to use them," says endocrinologist Scott Isaacs, an obesity specialist at Emory University in Atlanta. "In my opinion, there's no good clinical data that they actually work, and I have found that patients seem to regain weight as soon as they stop taking them."
12 Apr

Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

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"Any time you lose weight, you see improvements in glucose metabolism," says Scott Isaacs, M.D., author of "Hormonal Balance" and a clinical instructor of medicine at Emory School of Medicine. "And anytime you restrict calories, you get weight loss. But if you do something unsustaniable you get fatigue after a while and ultimately gain the weight back." "During a fast, a person can go into starvation ketosis, which reduces appetite. They won't be hungry because of the ketones -- a byproduct of fat -- that masks hunger. But as soon as they do something where they are no longer ketotic, there's a rebound appetite, which can be hard to control," Isaacs says.
07 Feb

Scientifically Based Weight Loss with Proven Results

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Many people gain weight despite eating healthier and getting more physical activity. If you are working hard at losing weight and are not seeing results, you may have a medical problem. We specialize in the medical and hormonal evaluation and treatment of abnormal weight gain and diet-resistant obesity.
24 Jan

Exercise lengthens your life – even if you’re overweight

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Researchers from the National Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, and other organizations analyzed six different prospective cohort studies of more than 632,000 people ages 40 and older. The studies had a median follow-up period of 10 years, with roughly 82,000 reported deaths. Regular, moderate intensity exercise was associated with an increased life expectancy, even when the person exercising had an unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI).
04 Jan

Losing Weight: It’s Not Just About Willpower

Beat Overeating Now! There is not a simple explanation for why some people struggle to lose weight. There is no one-size-fits-all formula to shed extra pounds. Many people gain weight due to hormonal imbalances that make it nearly impossible to slim down without medical help. Other people may be eating the wrong foods, disrupting hormone levels and triggering hunger and, as a result, overeating.
30 Nov

Veg Out!

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Eat a cup of veggies before 10 a.m. as a morning ritual. Think of it as taking a vitamin instead of part of your diet. Even if you don't do it every day, try it for one day. What do you have to lose.
27 Nov

Peel Off Pudge With Pepper

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A grind of pepper doesn’t just add flavor–it may ward off fat, researchers say. Turns out piperine, a core component of the spice, impedes the body’s process of forming fat. “It makes fat cells less likely to develop, mature, grow, or multiply,” explains Scott Isaacs, MD, an endocrinologist in Atlanta.
19 Nov

Children Learn What They Live

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If children live with healthy foods, they learn how to eat.
15 Nov

How to Spot (and Prevent) Thyroid Cancer

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“We’re not yet sure why thyroid cancer affects more young women than men, but thyroid disorders themselves are more common among women,” says endocrinologist Scott Isaacs, MD, clinical instructor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. “Thyroid cancer just moved up the list of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women, and now sits at fifth.”
14 Nov

How to Boost Testosterone Levels

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If you’re overweight, exercise can improve your testosterone levels by helping you shed pounds, says Isaacs, the author of Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight By Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism.
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