Dr. Isaacs is the Medical Expert for a New Weight Loss Television Show on ABC

January 3, 2020 No Comments by Scott Isaacs, M.D.


The series My Diet is Better Than Yours premieres Thursday, Jan. 7 at 9/8c. The show follows a roster of celebrity trainers as they coach overweight Americans looking to drop some pounds.

Here’s the twist: Each trainer will employ their own diet and exercise plan to help their assigned contestant lose the weight. (Call it Losing Weight with the Diet Stars.)

ABC has ordered eight one-hour episodes, and will air two back-to-back in a two-hour block for four weeks.

Fitness expert Shaun T, who created the popular workout regimen “Insanity,” will host. Star trainers who will be paired with regular contestants include Carolyn James, Jovanka Ciares, Jay Cardiello, Dawn Jackson and Abel James.

Competitors may also choose to eliminate trainers from the show if they don’t feel like they’re hitting their fitness goals.

Among the strategies that will be highlighted on the show: The “cLean Momma Plan,” which “promotes burning calories through performing different household chores,” and “The Wild Diet” which combines a high fat diet consisting of foods that “primitive man would find in the actual wilderness with high-intensity workouts.”

To measure how contestants are faring throughout the process, they will be tested with challenges created by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser.

Kinetic Content created the format, which was originally titled Diet Wars when first sold internationally in September.

“There are thousands of diets promising to help people lose weight, but choosing the diet that will actually work is a different matter,” Kinetic Content CEO Chris Coelen said in a statement at the time. “Our new format sets out to narrow the choice by selecting six diverse and revolutionary diet plans and, for the first time ever, testing these methods on TV in a real life experiment.”

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