5 Tips for Having a Sweet but Candy-less Valentine’s Day

February 1, 2019 No Comments by Scott Isaacs MD

Congratulations!  You started your New Year’s resolution diet, and so far you’ve kept it.  You’ve already noticed the crowds at your gym (jam-packed in January) are starting to thin out.  You’re noticing your clothes are looser, and you might be considering a shopping trip in your future.  You even survived the Super Bowl, and didn’t kill your diet.  What’s the next big obstacle?

Of course, Valentine’s Day.

We’ve all been inundated with images of happy couples, sharing boxes of chocolate, enjoying a romantic, rich and delicious dinner on Valentine’s Day, while the man gives the woman beautiful flowers and an expensive piece of jewelry.

This year, skip the first two and stick with the last two.

If you’ve made encouraging progress with your diet, the last thing you want is to derail it with one calorie-laden night.  So here are some tips to help you maintain your slimming figure, while still enjoying your holiday:

1. Encourage your sweetheart to not bring you fattening treats.

Let’s face it, one of the many benefits of losing weight is the positive response from your significant other when you’re looking better and better.  It’s so simple to remind your loved one, “Honey, I’m doing so well with my diet.  Please don’t bring me any sweets for Valentine’s Day this year.”

2. Forgo the candy.  Period.

Even if your significant other has agreed to not bring you candy, temptations are still there.  Who amongst us hasn’t walked past the Godiva store in the mall and admired those succulent Red Velvet truffles in the candy counter?  Who hasn’t gotten a hankering for those delicious smelling heart-shaped cookies at Publix?  Just remind yourself… “I don’t need this, I don’t need this.”  And keep walking by.

3. Don’t touch the kids’ candy either.

For those with school age kids, Valentine’s Day often includes a trade of candy, not just flimsy paper cards.  As you help your child prepare their Valentine’s cards, buy a candy that doesn’t appeal to you.   When the kids come home from school with a candy stash, create some limits so you’re not tempted to eat those candies as well.

4. Eat a healthy meal at home.

Perhaps eating at home isn’t the most romantic event, but it’s the best way to control your menu and ensure you’re staying within your diet.  Ask a friend to watch your kids so you can have a romantic dinner at home (celebrating on a different night to accommodate schedules is also an option).  OR, if you absolutely must go out to dinner, research the menu of your favorite restaurant and plan ahead.  If your restaurant doesn’t have healthy choices, then choose a different place.

5. Celebrate in a way that doesn’t involve food!

Go to the movies, see a play, enjoy the symphony or an art exhibit, or simply take the time to go for a walk with a loved one.  There are so many ways to celebrate your love that do not involve food.

After Valentine’s Day is over, come back and post some of the tactics you used to help stick with your diet, but still allowed you to have a sweet Valentine’s Day.

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