2013 Superbowl Food Statistics

January 28, 2013 No Comments by Scott Isaacs, M.D.

super-bowl-2013The Superbowl has become one of the largest events of all time. It boasts the largest crowds, largest parties, and most antacid sales the day after. Below are some interesting facts about the Superbowl that you probably never knew about. The information gathered in this page are from various sources around the web at various times.

Amazing Food Stats:  

No fewer than $55 million is expected to be spent on food for The Big Game
Super Bowl Sunday marks the day on which Americans chow the second-greatest amount of food. (Thanksgiving is 1st)

  • Almost 15,000 tons of chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn
  • Some 12 million pounds of avocado are sold in preparation for the game so that Americans may gorge themselves on an estimated eight million pounds of guacamole – California avocado commission
  • 7-Eleven claims a whopping 20 percent in sales of antacid the day after the Super Bowl
  • 36% increase in sales of frozen breaded mushrooms prior to the Super Bowl
  • 29% Percentage increase in sales of frozen shrimp
  • $237.2 million spent on soft drinks at grocery stores during Super Bowl week
  • 30% increase in sales of proceed-cheese loaves the week before last year’s Super Bowl
  • 68% Increase in sales of flavored snack crackers
  • Frozen Pizza is the top Super Bowl seller at grocery stores
  • $11.8 million additional sales of beer
  • 30.4 million pounds of snack food Americans scarf down on Super Bowl Sunday, twice the average daily amount
  • Pizza Hut expects to sell 2 million pizzas on the day of Superbowl XLV which is 60% or 1.3 million more than an average day.



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