Third Edition of Hormonal Balance Coming This Summer

February 14, 2012 No Comments by Scott Isaacs, M.D.

I am pleased to announce the release of the third edition of my book, Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight by Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism (Bull Publishing Company, June 2012). It is the latest edition of the revolutionary book that pioneered the idea that hormones play a pivotal role in weight loss and weight control. The book is scientifically backed by years of medical research and proven results. I have made the latest scientific information accessible and interesting for a general audience. In this updated and expanded edition, I offer a directive “how-to” approach to stopping the yo-yo diet cycle and balancing the body’s hormones for effective, permanent weight control. Complete with a meal plan and a symptoms guide to spot possible hormone disruptions, this third edition of Hormonal Balance is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, medically and celebrity endorsed book ever written on hormones and weight management.

In addition to body weight and metabolism, hormones control mood, energy level, sex drive, the female menstrual cycle, the biological clock and even one’s risk of getting certain cancers. Balancing your hormones, in other words, can help you achieve physical health, mental well-being and even a longer lifespan. I explain how to prevent common hormone imbalances from ruining well-intended weight loss plans. I also offer advice on outsmarting hunger hormones, eliminating hormone-disrupting environmental toxins from the body, curbing PMS symptoms and the side effects of menopause for women, balancing the effects of testosterone in men, increasing energy levels and reversing the symptoms of aging, through the Hormonal Health Diet in Hormonal Balance.

In the third edition, I share the newest discoveries being made in hormonal health, like the groundbreaking finding that brown fat, a very specialized “good” type of body fat that is usually only found in newborn babies, can also be naturally produced and cultivated in adults. Brown body fat is extremely desirable because it actually burns calories to produce body heat. Another recent breakthrough is the discovery of “hunger hormones” like leptin, ghrelin and neuropeptide Y that affect our appetite, cravings, and metabolism. They influence our brain’s motivation or lack of motivation to find healthy foods and to exercise. When hormones are unbalanced, you have less motivation to have a healthy lifestyle. A lack or overabundance of certain hormones causes changes in metabolism. Those changes either prompt the body to start putting on weight immediately or start a boomerang effect that will cause it to put on weight soon enough. Either way, the end result is a weight problem, and that weight problem can lead to a host of other problems.

Five Tips to Balance Your Hormones and Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

1. Turn down the thermostat to activate brown fat

Researchers have discovered that higher temperatures indoors may slow metabolism and contribute to weight gain. When the body is kept warm, it doesn’t need to burn as many calories. Conversely, when we are exposed to the cold, metabolism increases to generate more body heat, and brown fat production is activated, which burns calories. You can burn an extra 100 calories a day by turning down the thermostat just a couple of degrees, exercising in cold weather or in water, or by sipping cold water all day long. 

2. Synchronize your internal clock

The body has a built-in biological time clock that influences our basic functions including the sleep and wake cycle. A healthy balance of hormones requires that your body’s internal clock is synchronized. Anything that disturbs the biological timekeeping system can have a detrimental impact on hormones, metabolism and weight. The first step is to establish healthy sleep habits by going to bed at the same time every night, even on weekends.

3. Avoid exposure to plastics

Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals found in common household items like plastic food containers. These toxic chemicals leach into food and drinks, and have been linked to weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, infertility, early puberty, ADHD, autism, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Whenever possible, avoid these harmful toxins by using glass containers for storing, heating, and plating food and beverages.

4. Wash your hands with regular soap

The chemical triclosan, found in antibacterial soap acts as an endocrine disruptor by decreasing production of thyroid hormone, estrogen, and testosterone. Regular soap is just as effective in killing the germs on your hands without the endocrine-disrupting effect.

5. Exercise early in the day

When you exercise in the morning you are more likely to exercise consistently. There are fewer barriers to get in the way of exercise. It is easy to start the day with a plan to exercise in the evening, but it is just as easy to skip it when something else comes up.  Make exercise a priority in your life by exercising early in the day.

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