January Diet Resolutions – Feeling the Pinch?

January 2, 2009 No Comments by Scott Isaacs MD
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When it comes to losing weight this year, you may be feeling the pinch…in your waistline and your wallet.  Although joining a diet program may seem like a luxury, it could actually save money now, and in the long run as weight-related surgeries, medications, co-pays, and other medical expenses are reduced or eliminated.

See the link below to an article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about one of my patients, Katrina, who has been able to lose over 50 pounds and completely come off her diabetes medication.  These results are definitely alleviating some personal pinch, both to Katrina’s waistline and her wallet.


For more success stories, see http://www.intelligenthealthcenter.com/weightloss/successstories.htm

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